Marielle will work with the two of you to create a celebration that is a clear reflection and true celebration of who you are together. This process starts with a deep dive into the very essential you-ness of each of you. When we've mapped a sparking clear picture of the two of you, the design process begins. We will consider everything from how you go about inviting your people to your celebration, your wedding ceremony, your feast, to how you say goodbye to them and every little thing in between. The actual process of designing a ritual to celebrate a love that you commit to live for the rest of your life should be a deeply meaningful, eye and heart-opening experience. 

Will you invite only 10 guests whom you fly to a secret location? Will your guests arrive by treasure hunt? Will they serenade you as you leave? Will there be a suite of Victorian moss-covered furniture in an apple orchard? Will all guests be adorned in flowers? A meditation labyrinth made of marigolds?  After dinner, a night hike through a forest to come upon Butoh dancers and a candle-lit feast of desserts? Will there be a magician who valet parks the cars? 

There is no need to be ordinary, especially when you're celebrating LOVE.

Contact Marielle if you'd like this brand of magic at your wedding celebration. Ecstatic Feast honors ALL unions of LOVE.