All of these workshops are unique to Ecstatic Feast.

They are the current culmination of more than 3 decades of spiritual investigation, formal and informal education, decades of workshops creative, mindfulness, healing practices, creative play, professional improvisational theater work, constellation facilitation training, paying attention, listening, and living life as a seeker. These are conceived, developed, and designed by me,  Marielle. They've been tested and proved useful, fun, beautiful, and beneficial for public consumption. 

Ecstatic Feast : The Workshop

Ecstatic Feast is designed to cultivate sustainable INTUITION, unleash your CREATIVE SPIRIT, and expand your capacity for SELF-TRUST, BRILLIANCE, AND JOY. This is the whole magic shebang, the holy grail of my workshops. It incorporates a lot of content from the workshops below and of course, a whole lot more. We are all a unique set of particles, big bang, stardust, magic : you. Essentially this workshop is about aligning to your truest, most powerful, essential nature and developing strategies to access this self for, ideally, the rest of your life.

You may reinvent yourself.

You may find a new sense of what it means to be you.

You may find a new sense of what it means to be human.




Our intuition is our essential compass. In a busy world full of distraction, most have lost their connection to this innate wisdom. Our bodies are a powerful resource for information that is typically off our radar. In this workshop we will get a deeper understanding of how to access our intuition, what it has to teach us, and how we can benefit. This is a BEING HUMAN 101 course.




This workshop is designed to help girls and women step more fully into their power, specifically power that is female. Power is often seen as a power-over, masculine, forceful nature. Feminine power is something else all together and ultimately is what's needed in our world right now. This is about power within and connected collaborative power. When a person is not looking outside herself for the answers, validation, empowerment, she is stronger than most. When women and girls are aligned to their own power and connecting with others who are also oriented in this way, big beautiful powerful changes will come.



We will use archetypes to get access to deeper understanding and reorganize the stories that we tell ourselves.  When we take hold of our brains and the neural pathways that tell skewed and unhealthy stories, we are able to create a more true story that serves us rather than diminishes us.


Constellation Haiku 

This is an abbreviated form of constellation work that shows us the gestalt of a situation as well as shifts stuck energy energy.  This form gives us to access answers and promotes healing and clarity.


Elemental Listening 

This is a nature based practice that cultivates a deep sense of listening from an embodied place. When we are connected to ourselves in the most essential way , we are able to feel our ancient and current connection to the natural elements. This is a great source of nourishment, balance, and access to our inner knowing and interconnectedness to the things that matter most.

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