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Ecstatic Feast is our purest most essential nature. It is living life deeply committed to the expansive beauty of the moment with all the YOU-ness you can bring. It is living uncompromisingly powerful and unapologetically YOU.

Imagine living life as if it was an ecstatic feast.

Let's do that for 100 days.

We are all much much bigger, more powerful, more radiant, more wildly creative, and dazzlingly brilliant than we are living. This is truth. Ecstatic Feast is a practice that brings us closer to living the truth of our bigness.

Ecstatic Feast is slowing down, unwinding the mind, tuning in to our senses and physical experience so that we may deeply savor and fully embody the pleasure of the MOMENT.

Ecstatic Feast is about tuning into what makes us most alive and making small and big choices toward that bigger life.

WHat does is cost?

Don't you hate it when you have to dig and dig for the price? I'm making it easy, no digging. 

The cost is $100, a dollar a day.

What is 100 DAYS of Ecstatic Feast?

The 100 Days of Ecstatic Feast is a guided exploration that gently wakens us from our habitual thoughts and actions and moves us more deeply into an enlivened and engaged role as master of our gorgeous magical lives.

Through defining and cultivating our highly unique heart-strong desires, we are able to move into alignment with our greatest selves.

It is led and facilitated by the creator of Ecstatic Feast, Marielle Hare. (HI, waving my hands, hellloooooo) This pleasure practice I call Ecstatic Feast has been my primary practice for several years. I have created all of my workshop content based on it. In April this year, I did 100 Days of Ecstatic Feast: living life as the most alive, expansive, joy and pleasure seeking person I could. It was transformative. I learned a lot about 100 Days as a practice and how to be a guide in this process. 

I will be available in the Facebook group to cheer you on and answer any questions. 

Weekly directions, explorations, and prompts will be sent to your email address. These are carefully designed to help you find your way to a more clear connection to your own essence, deeper experiences of joy, and alignment to your most whole holy self.

You will be part of a private Facebook group where you will share our daily feasts. The group will be a respectful and carefully held space for both celebration and support. 

There will be opportunity to write in about topics or questions during the journey and there will be 3 group phone calls that address the most common themes. These will be recorded in case you miss it.

Marielle as GUIDE

One of my superpowers is knowing how to be a guide. I have given workshops to special needs pre-schoolers and top level people at NASA. It’s about tuning in and feeling into where you are and how to offer all the right steps to get somewhere new. I have developed this material over a lifetime. In the creation of this work, I draw upon my extensive movement and theater improvisation work, content development and facilitation of workshops in leadership, personal development, and creativity, and endless pursuit of mindfulness practices. I am a Systemic Constellation facilitator, I advisor to entrepreneurs and leaders, and an artist who understand the creative process. 

The content is pulled from a variety of my in person workshops as well as content created especially for this gathering.

It is my Ecstatic Feast to bring others to this place of expansiveness, beauty, joy, pleasure, and power.

how much time will it take?

This is designed so that you can put however much time you want into it. The important thing is that you stay true to the daily intention of making choices from a place of bigness and possibility and not from a place of habit, contraction, or fear.

You will likely use the same amount of time/energy in a day but you will use it in different ways than you are now. Small actions done everyday inevitably lead to change.

And, if you think you are too busy for this: I say this with love, you really really really really need this.

what sort of results can you expect?

Expect Change: These are radical claims < smile > I know. Some or all of this will happen :

  • You will feel more pleasure.
  • You will feel more alive.
  • When we commit to living from the orientation toward our essential desires, our lives naturally change. On a molecular level we are vibrating at the frequency of joy. Yes, seriously. It’s science. 
  • When we align to our unique pleasures, we attract the things that are aligned with our beautiful essence and not the weird contorted crap that that finds its way to us because we are acting from unconscious habitual patterns that are our (not)selves. 
  • We are trailblazing new neural pathways that help us to remember who we really are. (You might want to read that line again, because this is everything)
  • By engaging with your essential self, you are inherently aligning with your truth. You will feel more trust and less fear. Pleasure is expansive and fully embodying this bliss makes less room for the contracted nature of fear and doubt. Trust and Fear naturally can’t cohabitate. 
  • You will feel more expansive and a greater sense of possibility.
  • You will feel part of a community of like-hearted seekers.

I could go on. There's SO much to say. But I don't want to convince you. Well, I kind of do. But, I only want you to play if it's what is deeply right for you, and that's not about me convincing you, it's about you and your heart-mind-body.

So, how about you take a  <  P A U S E  >  Right here, right now. Feel into your bigger self, your knowing self, your BODY. TAKE A SOFT SLOW DEEP BREATH. ASK IF THIS IS JOURNEY IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

Do you get a rise in energy : a YES .

Do you get a heavier response, or flatline : a NO. 

Either way, hope you enjoyed the pause and the little moment with your delicious self.


If you got a YES :