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musical doodle

You’ll need a piece of paper or two or three and a pencil. If you want to use crayons or colored pencils, groovy.

Put on a piece of music, put the pencil to the paper and don’t lift it until the song is over. Let your hand respond to the music. Just play, pure and simple. Don’t worry about what it looks like. You’re 4 years old for the moment. They think everything they do is awesome.. because it is. It’s awesome because it is a stream of creativity and that is vitality. So play. It’s not meant to look pretty, or cool, or anything. Though, it might. I have no idea.  And neither do you. Yay, nobody knows where they’re going. WHEEEEEE.

Round two. Either start with another piece of paper or layer on that one. Maybe change colors? Or not?

Round three. Stand up. Let your body move as you move your hand to the music. Again, layer or use a new piece of paper.

That’s it. Short and simple. Happy Sunday.


Show us what it looks like, your musical scribble!


When we engage our creativity we awaken our unique genius.

scribble on y'all!


The New Yorker has a cartoon contest every week! Maybe you knew this already? So fun.

Your mission for the day is to write a caption. You don’t have to submit it to them; you’ll share it with us, or both! Write many, stream of consciousness silIibrilli ( I just made that up) options or work on it till you land on one. Even if by the end of the day, you feel meh, share with us anyway! This course is all about play and f*ck the “get it right” mentality.

I suggest looking at it early in the day, take a screenshot so you can refer to it throughout the day .. see what kind of caption you come up with. Go back to the site, put in your caption and take a screenshot and post in our group.

click here to zip over to the contest


This is as much about observing how we work as the what we produce. What worked best for you? Stream of consciousness, talking out loud, mulling all day, something else?



Take the last photo in your photo album, even (especially) if it’s crap, and import it into Snapseed or Pixlr. Edit till your heart’s content. If it’s an especially crappy photo (I did this with a screenshot of a receipt), zoom way in with cropping and try using effects, I like the blur tool, but there’s SO many options.

Use the type tool to make the band name your name, a part of your name, or go wild, use a nickname people call you, your besties name, be spontaneous, don’t fuss. *Pretty sure once you place the text you can’t move it.

Then, go to your last email and take a snippet of text to create the album title. Play with fonts, colors, placement.

You can play with doing this super fast if that’s how much time you have.


Limitation breeds creativity.

you are a rockstar!


Take a card, scrap of paper and write a (kind) message to yourself that you need to hear today. It could be ANYTHING. Here’s a sliver of what that could look like.

“Hey! great job getting your tax extension in! Winky Face!”

“I hope you get that job.”

“I wish it would stop raining. But Spring, it’s a state of mind, right?”

“You are not your thoughts, or your actions; you are as big as the universe.”

THEN, take your note and hide it somewhere in public. Snap a photo and share with us.

BOOM, done.


Much of the time, our internal dialogue is not unique and what we are going through may synchronistically speak to someone else.



Wergin Kronklin is when you make up new words for things, sort of like Ikea does.

Go to a drawer in your house or office and take out one or two things within it, feel the weight and texture of them, observe the shape and size, really grok it, yes grok is a word. Then based on this new investigation give these objects made up names. Play with onomatopoeia (use of words which sound like the thing described). Also, give them entirely new uses, however, I mean, especially absurd. 

This is about feeling the sounds. Super fun.


Take a photo and in one of your apps, add text of new name and definition.

BadaBOOM, donesies.


A paperclip becomes : tik - a small instrument played by fairies


Engage without knowing where you're going and then you'll just magically get there.

We’re all just making it up, all the time.


The title pretty much says it all. Put on a song, dance. Try new moves: my favorite is to let different parts of my body lead. Follow your pinky, thumb, nose, feet, back (don’t forget your back), hips, ribs.

Share : short, long, just your feet, whole body video or share one snapshot or tell us about leading from different parts of your body. We want to know!


The body knows so many things our sweet amazing brain doesn’t know!