Hi there, I’m Marielle.

I serve up wildly creative and soulful experiences designed to spark your essential human joy meter to an eleven. 

While attempting to hitchhike a plane in Los Angeles, I was offered a sunset ride in a glass-bottomed helicopter. As a child, I dressed up in a disguise and rang my own doorbell to conduct a survey (they were not fooled). I have travelled all over (and I mean little-rutted-out-roads all over) Mexico and Guatemala in a very old Volkswagen van. I once convinced a public bus full of people in San Francisco to sing B-I-N-G-O with me.

I not only believe in the power of play and possibility, I am passionately committed to it.

I studied theater and dance at the Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado. I taught creative movement to expressive little movers as an artist in residence in public schools in San Francisco. I was part of a delectable collaborative experimental performance art trio called etiquette physical theater. During my almost twenty years in the Bay Area, I danced and performed a lot. I hiked my church of a mountain, Mt Tam, so often that the trees knew me by name.

The body is our home. Connecting with nature and finding authentic and meaningful experiences through movement is pretty much what it’s all about (that and the Hokey Pokey).

One of the greatest loves and accomplishments of my life was starting and running Loop Flowers and Event Arts in San Francisco. We supplied outrageously gorgeous, wildly elegant flowers for luscious weddings. We offered complete event aesthetic design. We created beauty for celebrations of love. 

Beauty is healing. It is not superficial or superfluous. It is a balm. A direct experience of beauty alters our particles and calibrates us to the vibration of joy. The trick is letting it in. 

I know a thing or two about intuition, both the value of listening to it and the pummeling from not. 

The three biggest decisions of my life (so far) made no sense to my control center (brain) but my intuition (heart) said yes, yes, yes. And they were the best decisions of my life. 

My intuition is my compass. I don’t have to know the reason why my intuition says what it says, I just have to listen and act accordingly.

In 2010 my compass guided me to North Carolina. I've built a marvelous life here my brain couldn't quite have imagined. I followed my intuition to beautiful land on the Haw River. My new life of heart-centered choices led me to become a facilitator in Systemic Constellations. Walking the lush and dreamy southern landscape reignited my love of photography. This new life of mine allowed me more time with my loves: dance and improvisation and this led to a whole world I've named Vidi-Ditties. I found my beloved canine soulmate Oona, and I made some amazing friends. Listening and acting, following pleasure, igniting my own luscious vitality led me to my feast: Ecstatic Feast!

Out of the box. Why would we ever want to be in the box? I am here to foster possibility and potential in the most beauty-filled, fun, creative way possible.

So, wow, that’s a whole lot about me. What about you?

What are the things in your life that bring you deep pleasure? How often are you experiencing these things? Are you giddy with the pleasures of life? how often?

Are you doing what you’d most love to do in the world? If not now, when?

How does your intuition speak to you? Do you listen?

Do you play enough? If not .. let's change that!