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The heart of Ecstatic Feast is understanding that our one precious life, right now, in this body, is an Ecstatic Feast, if we so choose. And we have that choice, we really do. We are all born with a blindingly gorgeous light, our soul, our essence. Each human is a constellation of particles that truly is unique. Yes, you actually ARE a snowflake! Ecstatic Feast is about helping you to see and access this deep, pure, wildly beautiful and perfect essence. Your essence has nothing to do with your story, your personality, your DNA, your family, your culture. The techniques used are designed to penetrate and reprogram our stubborn and bossy minds, engage our wise knowing bodies, and put us in touch with our true gifts, purpose, and power.

Ecstatic Feast is the life-work of Marielle Hare. That's me. As all healers paths, this work started in the private lab of my own life: this messy, wounded, perfect, gift of life. The ever-unfolding path to healing has not quick or typically easy. But it is magical, transformative, beautiful,  expansive, joy and love-filled. The delightful thing about what I've learned, is that beauty, pleasure, play, and joy are the means by which we can heal. When our compass is aimed out our own pure unique essence, we are moving toward beauty, joy, pleasure. I know these techniques work because it has changed my life. I know this works because it has offered others an opportunity to shift what needs shifting, to muster courage and risk being bigger, to feel more and allow love into the places in us that most need it.

I work with brilliant, heart-full, dazzling humans, from around world, who want a better life, a better business, a better world. 

It’s important to have an in-person connection before working with someone. I offer a complimentary 30 minute chat to make that easy. What's your next breakthrough? Contact me for your free session.

Each rabbit hole offers plenty of information. Jump on in.


As a multi-disciplinary artist, I create immersive art experiences, photographs, video art, performance and installations.



I use my artist heart and brainy brain to innovate out-of-the-box strategies to get you or your company where you need to go. My coaching services include personal development, new paradigms of leadership, branding and marketing, and content consulting. As each person and company has a unique set of challenges, I develop a custom plan that speaks to what my clients need, and the order in which they need it.

I've developed precise and light-hearted methods that bring people more deeply into their essential selves. It's important to start from a place of alignment, so that everything created is built from a place of strength.

Ecstatic Feast means living a fully embodied experience, from the everyday to the epic, as a vital and luscious feast of life. I work with brilliant, heart-full, dazzling humans who want a better life, a better business, a better world. I help them reach for more.

As an ENFP, The Champion of Others (Myers Briggs), an empath, an oldest child, I am geared to see what others can't see and offer solutions that empower you to live your true potential. We all need help. We all lose track of our brilliance and magic. I understand this as well as anyone. I've devised so very many strategies for working with my own wily mind, procrastination, fear, resistance, and perfectionism, that I have yet to bump up against an obstacle that has surprised or stumped me.

And, you must be able to activate your will. I offer strategies for building these muscles, but ultimately, it's on the client to do the work. For those that are ready to bust a move, make something happen, I'm your gal.




I create experiences, workshops, and retreats for both businesses and personal development. All workshops are designed to help you lead, live, and act from a place of wholeness and power. 

Bringing your whole self to the work place supports everything from the big picture of understanding your purpose to everyday tactical issues like making hard decisions and managing conflict. 

By teaching through embodied experience, I help you access internal wisdom and grok core skills and perspectives. This supports the success of your business and carries into the lives of your people in a way that benefits the world. 


I specialize in workshops that bring us home to ourselves, our essential vital selves. A life of meaning involves a journey toward our authentic genius. Creativity, connection, and communion are the elements we believe are most potent for bringing us into alignment with our whole selves. The workshops offered are both in person and online. 



I believe that it takes more than the same old same old to reach customers. 

Art speaks a universal language and touches something in people that is soulful, authentic, and memorable. Ecstatic Feast creates artful experiences that reflect the company and brand in a way that is meaningful and engaging. 

Today memories are not only held in the mind but also held in digital form. We understand this and design visually compelling experiences that live on. We use delight in order to generate treasured memories that will stay in the minds and hearts of customers and become part of the fabric of life.

With instantaneous information, the brevity of communication: emojis, videos that are seconds long, communications120 characters long, multiple streams of social media visual communication, finding a way to reach a customer becomes increasing likely to slip through the cracks. We place companies ahead of the curve with interactive design that offers your customers artful, distinctive, unforgettable experiences. 

There is still nothing more powerful than a real life encounter. We use the transcendent language of art; we use the most innovative and masterful talent to create experiences that evoke feelings and lasting impressions that are coherent with your brand.

When your brand is associated with a peak experience, emotionally potent experiences of magic, joy, beauty, humor, the sublime, you become an intimate part of a person’s history; your brand remains alive in your customer’s treasured memories. 

Let's make your brand immortal.



Theater, play, and magical experience are incredible tools that can do more than just create beauty, they can change people. 

Our intention is to use all we know about embodied awareness, collective experience, and experience design to evoke a new sense of possibility for people: to stoke curiosity about who they are and why they are here so that they might live the lives that are possible for them.

By engaging people through play and entertainment, we intend offer a wider audiences a point of access to deeper personal inquiry. 


E X P E R I E N C E    D E S I G N

With the understanding that we are emotional beings, complex, and wired for connection, interactive embodied experiences are the most powerful and direct methods for creating engagement.

Engagement may be in service of shifting a company culture to be more vibrant and productive, marketing campaigns that leave a lasting joyful impression, meetings to which participants look forward.

Experiences foster connection, assist in the assimilation of information, and ignite our creative life force.

All of these things bring us closer to our essential nature. And, there is nothing more compelling or vital than that. 


C O N T E N T    C O N S U L T I N G

I assist you in turning your content (ideas, concepts, objectives) into highly engaging, meaningful, enjoyable, and easily executed experiences. This may range from a one time meeting getting maximum engagement or an entire body of work translated into a series of workshops. Experience design enables participants to go beyond a limited conceptual understanding, and have an assimilated physical experience. Imagine giving a powerpoint presentation on how to play croquet versus a physical experience of holding the mallet, feeling the weight of the swing and the smack of the ball. One of my very particular super powers is in understanding the precise incremental steps that lead participants seamlessly toward the end goal.

By having an interactive experience, we may light upon new parts of ourselves, see with fresh eyes, and encounter a sense of magic and possibility.


L E A D E R S H I P  +  C U L T U R E

Moving from a conceptual idea to an experiential understanding is invaluable as businesses navigate a new paradigm toward wholeness, innovation, and networked leadership. Innovation and design-thinking, empathy and cooperation, intuition and empowered leadership cannot be outsourced. As we move deeper into our ever-changing technological world, our essential humanness is our compass to greatness, our most valuable asset, our imperative to survive.

Change happens more rapidly and is more easily integrated when it happens through an embodied experience. If an organization is to keep ahead of the complex and changing marketplace, it must take to heart that every person within their organization must be moving toward their potential. Because we are complex multi-dimensional beings, our potential can only be realized through a whole-brain, whole-being approach. 

With backgrounds in the arts, design, organizational development, improvisational theater, and entrepreneurship, we are able to innovate original out-of-the-box strategies to get you where you need to go. We offer signature workshops as well as workshops custom-designed for your company. 

We facilitate sustainable change. 


R E T R E A T S  

Taking art into the realm of the experiential, Ecstatic Feast offers multi-disciplinary happenings of epic standing. Employing various artistic means, we create moving and meaningful experiences. Installation art, music, theater, dance, poetry, choreography, improvisation, light, video, and magic are some of our tools for building a new territory. 

There's no reason to be anything other than extraordinary.


I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

― John O'Donohue