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6 week intensive program



what :

This is designed to reconnect you to your Essential Self and support you in life-changing shifts. When we have an understanding of who we are on a soul particle level and understand what that feels like physically, emotionally, mentally and as an energetic life force, we are able to make decisions based on our deepest truth. Life is a beautifully resonant adventure when we are in harmony with our true nature.

Who you are : Essence

What you are here to offer and receive : Remedy 

What you are here to do : Gifts

In this program, I will help you clearly identify your Essence. From there, we will clearly define your remedy, that which you need and that which the world needs from you for wholeness and a sense of reciprocal connectedness. We will identify your gifts and how to employ them toward a purpose-filled expression. 

why : 

Because we are one with our essence, we aren’t able to see it without assistance. It’s typically a bigger and more magnificent expression than we would name. This is who we are when we incarnated; this is who we are separate from the conditioning and wounds of the world. 

Transformation that comes from our essential core is foundational, and from there is able to ripple outward to effect sustainable change.  I have spent 36 years devoted to and in conversation with my and other’s spiritual evolution. I have observed that change rarely sticks without substantial support in the beginning stages. Insights are exciting and make life feel meaningful. However, I’ve seen in my own life and in many others, that unless those insights are integrated and supported, they are forgotten, bear no fruit, and real transformation doesn’t happen. 

I have meticulously created a structure that gives complete support in living our true Essence. This is an intensive and powerful offering. There is no greater more potent or vital offering in my rather large bag of tricks. This is it, the whole shebang. 

who : 

This is for people who are ready to take loving command of their lives in the most essential and potent way. 

If you’re not a person who can summon your will, this is not for you. Additionally, you also must be able to devote at least an hour a day to homework and practice; this can usually be spread out in shorter segments of time.

how :

The process is outlined in detail below. While we are in process, I ask that you do only this program and don’t combine it with other new practices. Like in health recovery, you can only know what is working when you do one thing at a time. We will have weekly meetings that last approximately 2 hours.

If you are interested, I offer a 30 minute free call to help you determine if this is right for you.




We will look at all aspects of your life : relationship to self, relationships to loved ones and community, work, purpose, calling, wellness and physical health, home and environment, leisure and play time, spiritual practices, what matters most to you. I will get a deep understanding of what is in and out of alignment. This is your opportunity to communicate with me what you most want to shift in your life. 

Essence Distillation 

The most important step is to divine and distill your essential nature into a knowable, actionable Essence. This is who you are in the most elemental, vital, primal way. It is your true nature separate from story, conditioning, influence. It is akin to a homeopathic remedy but is identified as your distinct combination of particles. 

Remedy of You

That which you are is that which you need. 

Like cures like. Law of attraction. As above so below.

This is a practicable expression of these universal life principles. Like in homeopathy, we are creating a magnetic resonance. Starting with your Essence, we will go through a process that fills out the picture of the many facets of your Essence in clear identifiable ways. This “remedy” is what you need to be in alignment with yourself, with others, with your environment.

Evolutionary Compass Soul Reading

Included in this offering is a reading with Master Evolutionary Astrologer, Nancy Fantozzi. This is an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart from the perspective of past life influences that your soul intends to transform in this lifetime. Most of us have a blindspot that if identified, owned, and worked with can shift us into a new and more vital version of ourselves. 

Gifts and Purpose

My perspective on human incarnation is that we arrive here on the planet whole, perfect, intact as a resonant mixture of soul particles, utterly unique (Essence). As a personality with these awesome (and sometimes pesky) brains we have innate skills that are our gifts. It is not uncommon for our most valuable gifts to go unnoticed. We are often so close to them that we can’t see them. Once we’ve identified your gifts, we will look at how to engage your Essence, Remedy, and Evolutionary Compass in order to use these gifts and to most powerful and meaningful effect. This is when you are living your purpose.

Alignment and Resonance Practicum

Armed with the powerful medicine we’ve gathered, we create a practice for you. Together we create a practice that implements and magnifies your Essence, Remedy, and Evolutionary Compass. This is where you put in the work. There is no magic pill, all life changes that sustain are a result of work. By “work”, I mean a practice of fun, beautiful, meaningful actions. One of my gifts is making things fun and beautiful. However, the time and dedication must to applied by you.


I have developed a very large bag of tricks when it comes to resources for staying in our remedy and therefore staying aligned. Sustainable intuition. Working with resistance. Accessing spiritual allies.

This includes :

Intake Meeting : $400 

Essential Self Distillation : $1200 

Remedy of YOU : $500 

Evolutionary Compass Soul Reading : $250

Gifts and Purpose : $500

Meeting with Nancy Fantozzi on incorporating your Evolutionary Compass into your Practicum : $300

Alignment and Resonance Practicum : $500

Resources : $600

2 meetings for check-in : $400

Support by daily short check-ins for one month : $1000

3 Follow-up Meetings @ 30 minutes each : $300   

( $5950 is what I would charge for the services, a la carte ) 

These are packaged together at the price of $4500. If  you feel called strongly and this price is unfeasible, contact me to see there are any subsidized offerings available.