I am an artist and guide in service of personal and cultural transformation. In essence, I help people and organizations become more of their true powerful selves. Through signature strategies that begin with the home of our knowing bodies, I help facilitate the needed breakthroughs for individuals, organizations, and communities to grow and evolve. I believe that joy and pleasure are our best tools for becoming more of who we are.

I work with brilliant, heart-full, dazzling humans, from around world, who want a better life, a better business, a better world. 

My services include a signature, not found anywhere else, 6-week intensive program, one-on-one coaching and mentorship, and branding and marketing strategies and design.  As each person and company has a unique set of challenges, I develop custom plans that speak to my client's individual needs. 

I work with high-level leadership, artists and entrepreneurs in order to bring them into 100% alignment with themselves.

What this means is drilling deep down and distilling your very particular offering to the world.

This is step one. 

After that, we work to constantly align you to your unique offering. This means aligning your choices and actions to your fundamental gifts and core values.

What I do is not conventional or standardized or predictable.

My insight is powerful and I quickly guide my clients to be in touch with their deepest most fundamental selves. If we are not working from that level, the journey is pointless. We might as well drive in circles, which can be lovely, and comfortably predictable, but obviously goes nowhere. 

I have been called a Creativity Coach, a Magician, a Truth Seer.

My focus is different for every client. Creativity, intuitive understanding, and emotional intelligence are my currency. I listen intently and am able to articulate and design pathways that open new ways of leading, doing business, and ultimately living a fulfilling life.

I am able to see your blindspots and shine a light to guide you out. However, it is important to say that no change happens without the client’s work. My clients do not want me to fix them or imagine there’s some kind of magic bullet. I will give my clients everything they need, but ultimately putting in the work (which is generally fun, satisfying, and interesting) is what will create sustainable change.

For Entrepreneurs, I specialize in :

  • setting up businesses that are aligned with greater purpose
  • seeing your hidden super powers and helping you use them
  • marketing aligned with you and your business's truest nature
  • setting up structures that help you move past that which is holding you back

For leaders, I specialize in :

  • progressive models of leadership
  • innovative and paradigm-shifting expressions of power
  • opening up to and cultivating creativity
  • system-related change

We all need help. When you have someone (me) with a laser focus on moving you forward, seeing the blindspots, designing a plan unique to who you are, you will get results. 

Once you have hired me, I constantly strategize for your greatness. My brain doesn’t stop. That’s great news for my clients, because while I’m walking my dog, making dinner, floating in the river, ideas and insights are coming to me. I am constantly tracking your course toward a powerfully fulfilling work and life.

What I ask for:

You : All IN.

Do what you say you'll do. 

Be willing to see and move beyond known and self-imposed limits.

Are you ready to go somewhere new?

Contact me for a complimentary chat to see if we're a good fit.

Ways of working :

6 WEEK ESSENTIAL SELF : The ultimate program that includes every single bit of magic from my bag of tricks. Learn more about that here.

PROJECT BASED : Do you have something you've been yearning  to do but have made excuses, felt too afraid, not made the time, even forgotten about? Those are THE very projects we MUST do. We back away from them because moving into our biggest self is scary. Doing the thing we want most is scary and vulnerable. It matters, so much. I work with people to help them through the obstacles to do that thing that matters most. The timeline is determined by you, your budget, your time, and your project. 

ENTREPRENEURS START-UP : I offer a start-up package for people who are just beginning their journey (and it is a journey) as an entrepreneur. This program takes you through the steps of seeing your hidden super powers. Almost everyone has gifts that are such an intrinsic a part of them that they can't see. These gifts and super powers are often the very reason people hire you or buy from you. We move through precise and effective ways at defining clear identity, services and offerings, marketing and branding. 1 year

LEADERSHIP PROGRAM : Are you in a position of leadership and are having a hard time owning your power, making and trusting your decisions, knowing when and how to delegate, leading from within, keeping vision and purpose clear and active, imparting inspiration to your team? I have a series of exercises and practices that I customize to your needs. 8 weeks

OPEN-ENDED PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT : This is for people who have a sense that they're off track and aren't sure how to re-orient. Or, commonly in a transition and need support. This has no timeline as this is a particularly organic process. My goal is to help you figure out what you need and how to get it. I am devoted to you, whatever that looks like. Sometimes my job is to help you find a specialist or transition from one thing to another. 

CREATIVITY COACHING : This a program for people who have lost their creative spark and want their mojo back. Creativity is an area of expertise for me and it is my great pleasure to reunite clients with the lifeblood of pleasure and vitality that is their creativity. 6 weeks

Check out the pricing for all coaching HERE.