When we grieve, love, celebrate in a collective experience, we are able to access something more powerful, deeply meaningful and healing.  Many of us have traditions from which to draw, and we all have an inner authority, spiritual guides, and ancestral support that is available to us. I help my clients access their inner spiritual authority and create a ceremony based on that guidance. I work with clients to help them combine the spiritual guidance they receive with respected traditions, create a flow to the ceremony, and logistical support to make an effortless and beautiful ceremony.

This is about getting to the heart of who you are and who and what you are celebrating. These events are not cookie cutter, not in-the-box, not like anything you have seen before. They are soulful deeply beautiful celebrations that ignite something in the guests and leave them with a sense of having gone somewhere magical and meaningful.

Life transitions define us. These ceremonies are about stepping into a bigger version of ourselves and uniting with our families and community through meaningful action and celebration.

These ceremonies are significant and how we celebrate them matters.




a thoughtfully designed experience 
that dives into beauty and the senses in order to connect most deeply with our own humanness, the land, the season, the moment
in order to spark our own blossoming

I am thrilled that the lovely Olorisa, herbalist, and acupuncturist Tara Bianca Rado will bring to this gathering her knowledge of Daoist seasonal health (resonance) and plant allies.

The power of an intentional group is an exponential experience.

Collective Effervescence

This is prayer, not as a religious act, but as a series of actions with earnest hope and wish that our truest selves and clearest wishes come to life.

This ceremony will catalyze our relationship with our own essential beauty and the magnificent earth we have the pleasure of inhabiting.

This is a ceremony, an art event, a celebration, a designed experience, a commemoration of this moment in time. It is collective communion and communing.

If you are opening and reading my Sunday Feasts, it will feel like that. As a dear friend said,

“You remind us that we are, all of us creatures, with one foot in the spiritual world and one foot on this planet.” 

This will take place at my dot on the Earth in Chatham County North Carolina, on the Haw River.
4 - 5:30 PM

** this will be a small gathering **

$15 - $30 sliding scale