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When presenting workshop material that is aimed at culture change, it is important to move from a conceptual idea to an experiential understanding. A physical, emotional, whole-self experience is invaluable as businesses navigate a new paradigm toward inclusivity, innovation, and networked leadership. Innovation and design-thinking, empathy and cooperation, intuition and empowered leadership cannot be outsourced. As we move deeper into our ever-changing technological world, our essential humanness is our compass to greatness, our most valuable asset, our imperative to survive.

The workshops I present are leading-edge, embodied and meaningful experiences. Change happens more rapidly and is more easily integrated when it happens through an embodied experience. If an organization is to keep ahead of the complex and changing marketplace, it must take to heart that every person within their organization must be moving toward their own individual potential. As we are complex multi-dimensional beings, our potential can only be realized through a whole-brain, whole-being approach. 

With a background in the arts, design, organizational development, improvisational theater, and entrepreneurship, I am able to innovate original out-of-the-box strategies to get you where you need to go. I have signature workshops as well as workshops custom-designed for your company. Contact me for a free consultation about how your business may best be served.

NASA workshop.png

"The workshop designed for NASA has been a vital part in shaping our new agenda around innovation and creativity. Encouraging leaders and innovators to develop an integrated skill set is crucial to unlocking the creativity we will need in the next space age. Engineering alone will not be sufficient to solve the problems we face as humans move beyond Earth, problem solving techniques that use the whole brain will be necessary. "

Jim Adams, NASA Deputy Chief Technologist (retired)



custom :

After assessing the needs of your company, I will design a workshop to explicitly address the specific needs and challenges of your company or organization. Pictured is a case study from one of the custom workshops I helped design for NASA. From what we heard back, the changes that occurred were noticeable and lasting.

a la carte :

Aligning to Purpose:

Many organizations lose sight of their deeper purpose. When top leadership does not have a personal connection to the purpose of the organization, culture, efficiency, and moral breaks down. 

This workshop is designed to help start-ups, non-profits, companies and small businesses define and align to their purpose. 

Stage 2 is integrating the purpose through all levels of the organization.

Creative Thinking : 

Creativity is a way of thinking. It's easy to get bogged down in process overload, meetings, and deadlines. This workshop helps your team members access their innate creativity and bring that vital force to their work.

Empathy in the Workplace :

I am an empath with a strong analytical left brain. In this workshop, I offer ways for leadership and teams to access the beautiful world of empathy. This is a powerful tool for improving communication and improving unity and cooperation.

Communication Skills:

The number one problem that organizations list is poor communication. It makes sense as this is the means by which an organization operates, or doesn't. This is a training that breaks down communication into clear steps that allows for a clear flow of communication. This workshop should be booked with the Listening module below.

Tools for Listening :

The art of listening is becoming increasingly rare. Most of the time, we think we've heard what was being said while missing key points. In this workshop, clear and actionable tools will be offered to build listening skills. The value of this cannot be stressed enough.

Negotiating Conflict :

Conflict is inevitable, while discord is not. This workshop illuminates one's natural tendencies toward conflict, and effectively steers team members toward rewarding and effective models of negotiating conflict. HINT : Curiosity.

Getting to Yes :

Much of organizational teamwork has to do with collaboration. Too much collaboration can lead to endless meetings and never getting to yes. In this workshop, I offer enjoyable and efficient strategies that allow teams to find their way to a group decision.

I'm happy to help you figure out what workshop is right for your organization. I also piece together bit of the various workshops to address your needs. 

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