On my way home from Pennsylvania last week, I stopped at Tom and Rod’s snug little cabin, sweetly nested in the woods of West Virginia. The woods are wild and yet, it was clear this wildness had been attended to. The ground was clearly being cared for.

Inside the cabin were many antique objects, all of them with a story. The tiny kitchen was brimming with dishes, vintage and handmade; every corner was occupied. And, instead of it feeling oppressively full, it felt like an embrace. Standing there, I felt encircled by all those beautiful stories, all that love. The reason it felt like this, I think, is because the objects were not placed and forgotten. It was apparent that they too were being attended to. 

This has changed how I clean (attend to my things). There’s a huge difference between cleaning as a chore, a task that is only being done to get to the end of it and caring for this object, tending to it with respect. It has shifted cleaning from a chore to an act of love. 

I see a cleaner (more loved) house in my future.


This Must Be the Place

When we find the places in the world where we feel a physical resonant sense of belonging, an ineffable yes, then more magic is possible. This works on the same premise as homeopathy and Human Design and probably many ancient healing principles. If we are particles, and science says we are, then it makes sense that if we put our particle-filled human bodies in a place that vibrates at a similar frequency, that shares similar particle composition, then BAM, we are ignited. Beautiful things happen. Magic Happens.

North Carolina does that for me. Taos, New Mexico did that for me. Kauai sent me flying off the charts in a yes so big the sky couldn’t even hold it. My Goldilocks heart felt North Carolina was just right.

AND, listen to this Lumineers cover of “This Must Be the Place”. This Talking Heads song was an absolute anthem for me in my twenties. It was one of those songs that reached inside me and pulled all the right strings making my spirit soar and my body dance. North Carolina knows how to pull my heartstrings. When I was visiting her about 8 years ago, she reached inside my heart and said, “Remember me, I am your place, you need to be here”. I listened.

This must be the place.


When I take a photograph I am expressing the essence of what I’m seeing. 

As I photograph, I fall and fall and fall in love with what is in front of me, color, texture, light, the palpable elegance of composition. 

My eyes are connected to my heart and through my heart I am able to merge, by way of love and devotion, with my subject. In so doing, the subject is no longer subject, we are one.

We have nervous systems that are largely overworked, overstimulated. Pausing to take a photograph allows me to pause, in general. It allows me to be in a moment of rapture. To have a moment with what has caught my attention:: to listen, to feel, to see, to feel :: I am given an opportunity to open the door to the mystical. It’s not reserved for gurus and new age nutters, a mystical experience, a moment of grace and merging with the divine is available to all of us. But, we have to look and we have to pause and we have to open. For me, the camera is one of the ways in. 

To see beyond the wide vista and the mind’s naming and categorizing, grass, mountain, cloud, we can dive more deeply into what we are seeing and embody that which is so very glorious.


Play shows up in many forms. A primary characteristic is it's nonlinear. In other words, I don't know where I'm going. I think the more we can embrace this notion the more free we are.

One of my primary job requirements is to play. It is my calling to bring that play into the world AND to be a guide for others to find that place of freedom and creativity ... PLAY.

I decided to make masks out of paper bags. I had no idea what character would emerge. I let my hands begin with a cut, ah, there's expression and character in that one mark. And then I listen. What wants to happen next? This dude needs a beard. Electrical tape. The handles from the bag became oversized ears.

And then I inhabit the mask. Who is this guy? Turned out he was french and very buttoned up. He said, "mais, non" a lot. And here's a little video. Mais, oui! 

music by Onra


I was turned on to this sweet writing practice, small stones.

I don't consider myself a writer. I tend to archive my life visually and express myself physically. However, this practice seemed like an artful way to chronicle moments from my day in a way that felt doable and nourishing.

So, I joined the Mindful May Writing group on Facebook, and I'm doing a small stone a day. Sharing my writing is an edge for me. So I'm pushing that edge a little farther and sharing one of my small stones here. 

I encourage you to push yourself just out of your comfort zone. After all, the vast majority of us are SO much bigger than we show. 


the peony’s time is now

all of the elements have conspired

to produce this frilly profusion of perfection


pink and white

petticoats of petals

her perfume she flaunts like a girl who does not know her untameable beauty

Blast off

I had the great privilege of co-leading a workshop for some fabulous people at NASA. Jerri Chou ( from Feast on Good ) invited Alex Todaro ( from Median ) and I to join her in leading a workshop on innovation and collaborative creativity. 

We designed an agenda that specifically addressed the needs of the particular group with which we were working. It was deeply satisfying to create something tailor made to facilitate shift. Shift happened, blast off. So fun.

Dream, Freedom, Beauty

Dream Freedom Beauty .. it's a podcast! It's inspired work by two sparkling sisters named Natalie and Lizzy Ross. I was honored to be invited on their show. 


It's worth listening to their other interviews, they're so professional, smart, insightful!

But, first start listening HERE





CRAZY excited to hit the road late summer.

It's a complete dream come true.