Creative mojo is the expression of your unique vital essence. Think of kids and how they play, the fabulous lack of self-consciousness, that’s your mojo. 

Expression, Freedom, Exploration.

If you have a pulse, you have creative mojo. 

You may have misplaced your mojo, your mojo may be on snooze, but the good news is you can’t loose your mojo. 


And the reason for that is that creativity is innate. It’s not about talent or artistry, it’s our juicy, lively, delicious, perfectly imperfect, expression. It’s tied to our life force. We need it and we need to express it. It looks a zillion ways because there are a zillion of us, almost.

Creative exploration puts us in touch with our essential soul selves; it brings us into an inquisitive present moment; it reminds us that we know how to play. It leads to insight, problem-solving, empathy, intuition, mindfulness, flow, fun, engagement, wellness and an appreciation of life that may otherwise slip by unnoticed. But, really most importantly, we are contacting that part of us that needs to play, needs the freedom from perfectionism, needs a break from the fast moving, gear-shifting, busy busy busy and to land in the present moment.

The video in this post is my Creative Mojo. I’ve included the outtakes from trying to make a video about this (which was very scary and challenging for me). I’ve specifically included the outtakes, the fuck-ups, because that is my mojo too. I am in motion, I am trying and my fuckup mojo is mine; it doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

Creative Mojo is fire, motion, aliveness.

The very nature of our creative expression is that it is imperfectly perfect, perfectly imperfect. It’s the editing process and the skill building that hones it into something we consider “done”. It’s important that this step of editing and perfecting, is not confused with our actual unique freewheeling creative mojo that is all about PROCESS (feel free to read that sentence again).

What does your mojo look like? Are you as engaged as much as you’d like to be?

I’d be delighted for you to join the online course 45 Days of Creative Mojo if you feel the call of the MOJO wild!