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True intuition is never wrong.

Intuition is different from a hunch or gut instinct, which can be unreliable. Often, our brains disagree with our intuition. Ah, the brain! The brain is so marvelously vital, and it can mess us up with confusing misinformation. This is why it’s important to hone the skill of identifying true intuition and knowing what it feels like in a way that is reliable and sustainable. Equally important is getting to know the absolute b.s. stories our brains are telling us, so that we can file them under : crap our brain tells us that isn’t true.

The brain knows a lot about fear and smallness and pattern recognition, and it thinks it’s protecting us.

Intuition is about bigness and trust and offers us true protection and wisdom. 

I've had decades of getting to know, inhabiting, and trusting intuition. Most of these experiences can’t be explained logically. I don’t understand how it works. I’m guessing there are some quantum wizard scientists out there who may explain it through the quantum field, but that’s beyond me. I know it works because I’ve had such powerful results by listening to it and trusting it.

Here is a story where my intuition may have saved my life:

My husband and I were cross-country skiing in Yosemite. We wanted to do a little more skiing, so we separated from our friends and went back the way we’d just come to add on another hour or so. It was getting late, but we had enough time, the trail was marked, and our tracks were there to follow. In a couple of miles, we would connect with a wide road that even in the dark would be easy to follow. Seemed like a safe plan. 

We got about three-quarters of the way to the road and a very heavy snowstorm hit. Our tracks were instantly covered and the little yellow markers could not be seen.. We were lost and turned around. It was a white-out. We knew the road was not terribly far, but if we went in the wrong direction, it could have been dire, I mean really dire. I asked for guidance and was told which way to go. My brain, in fear mode, second-guessed the guidance. My brain was pretty sure it knew best. At this point, I was at odds with my own self and my body was coursing with adrenaline. My heart rate was up and I had a grip in my stomach. Thankfully, I knew the difference between what fear feels like and what intuition feels like. For me, intuition feels like a plumb line through my body, clear and peaceful. It feels like an opening. Fear feels like a contraction; it has a frenetic energy and feels urgent, lacking in peace. It was useful that my understanding of intuition was strong enough that I was willing to trust it over my brain. Lovely that my husband was willing to trust it too.

In a short while we were on the road. It was almost dark. We had miles to ski, but as I said, the road could easily be skied in the dark. We got home safely.

How many times have we experienced this tussle with our brains? Not knowing what to do. The more we get ensnared, the harder it is the hear the truth.

Like I said, I don’t know what this higher authority is or how it works; I have my ideas; what I know is that it has led me to the best things in my life, and once or twice saved my life.

DO try this at home : 

1) Start noticing what fear feels like. Where in your body do you feel it? Is there really reason to be fearful? How does your body react.? Are there stories that your brain is telling you that are causing and exacerbating the fear (um, very likely, yes)? 

2) Start noticing the more, usually much more, subtle cues that your body, intuition, higher authority, whatever-you-want-to-call-it is telling you. There is a subtle and expansive hum of wisdom below the surface. It is in a calmer place than our zingy active brains. AND, ask! Ask for help, see what happens. Listen.

The key: your body, your body, your body: listen to your body.

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