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100 DAYS of Ecstatic Feast


What are the things that light me on fire? 
What are things that make you super happy, yes SUPER happy?
What brings you joy and pleasure? 
What do you NOT do because you're too busy, or too .. fill in the blank?
When do I play it a little small, a little safe? How could I choose the thing I REALLY want?
Are there things I've been wanting to do for years that I could bring into the present, and DO!?


I live on a river and I don't kayak very often. Every time I do, I LOVE it SO much.. so crazy much. And I ask myself, why don't I do this more? Whenever I take a break from technology, such peace, and gosh, I should do this more. Because of this orientation, I will be choosing these things which often take a little effort, but the payoff is amazing.

I love flowers and plants, but I hadn't really dedicated myself to making the garden happen... till NOW.

Our home was originally built as a guest house, so I've never invested in it the way I usually do. It's almost there, but I've not been super amped and happy when I look around. I'm changing that.

I've wanted a vintage bathtub outside as long as I can remember .. so I stopped thinking one day and did it .. DONE and THRILLED.

All through the day, I am taking note of the ways I am living my Ecstatic Feast (Dream Life) and really feeling that in-the-moment gratitude. Some of my things are nature, my dog, friendship, my work, FLOWERS, food, the ocean, clothes, beauty, fragrance, DANCE. It's important to acknowledge when we are living the dream while we reach for greater heights.


Post photos of the things that amp you up. Say why, if you feel like it.
Share ways that you are moving toward something new and exciting.
Share ways that you are choosing to do the thing that is BEST for you.
Share ways you choose the nurturing thing over the easy thing.

On Facebook or Instagram use the hashtag #100Daysofecstaticfeast. On Instagram find me at Ecstatic Feast and Marylo


With all that you do .. what you eat, what you wear, who you socialize with, what your goals are, how you spend your free time, where you get your coffee .. Ask yourself, " Is this what I REALLY want? Is this my dream self? Is this an ECSTATIC FEAST?