It’s easy to back burner the most important things, our biggest dreams. It’s scary to live BIG. It’s scary to put ourselves out there in ways that are new and vulnerable and matter.

While I’ve been busy helping others push through fear and smallness, I’ve kept a number of my dreams, projects, and big ideas that are exciting and dear to me on the back burner. Okay, let’s face it, they haven’t even seen a burner.

There’s a way that we’re all guilty of waiting for our dream life to arrive. We conjure, affirm, seek guidance, make lists and plans but ultimately we hold it out in the future. Rarely do we say, I’m going to go ahead and live my dream life, my ecstatic feast, RIGHT NOW. So, that’s what’s happening with the 100 Days of Ecstatic Feast. I am choosing to live BIG, live FULL, live my dream life right now and share it. Holy Wow Wow. 


What does it mean to join?!

This means listening and orienting to that which brings us into our biggest most wonderful dream life, RIGHT. NOW.

This means doing things we've been wanting to do for years. (YIKES!) (YAY!) (YIKES!)

This also means diving deep into the small things that matter so very much and acknowledging, yes!, this IS the dream. It's celebrating the beautiful magical dream life you are already living.

It often means not doing what is easy but what would bring us the most pleasure .. doing the thing that amps an experience into the wow zone. This can be subtle like adding fresh herbs to your dinner or taking another route home that is more scenic.  It can be big like sky diving, taking dance lessons, going on a trip.

An important part of the process is sharing. Vulnerable, ugh, I know! I'm doing this on Instagram and Facebook. Let me know if you're playing! Share a post daily about what you're doing to live your biggest life. Photo, words, video .. whatevs .. most of all, HAVE FUN.

Start anytime and post Day 1, Day 2 ... DAY 100. Feel free to let me know how it's going for you. I want to know! 

I can follow you on Instagram if you use the hashtag:  #100daysofecstaticfeast. I'm doing this as a part of the 100 Day Project. It's fun to be a part of something bigger, so you can also use the hashtag : #100dayproject

On Facebook, feel free to tag Ecstatic Feast!

Orienting to your BIGNESS, choosing TO live and celebrate LIFE AS AN ECSTATIC FEAST is life changing. 

For examples, feel free to check out my instagram feed, https://www.instagram.com/marylo/

So, here goes .. stepping over fear into an Ecstatic Feast!

PLEASE, do JOIN! I have been doing it for 2 weeks and there have already been profound insights and transformation. 

Ask yourself with every choice, is this what my dream self would do?

Does this choice look like my Ecstatic Feast Dream Life?

Get ready for life to be more amazing.