I look at the hate (fear) and brutality in the world and I feel crushed, physically crushed. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe. The unjust and blatant violence perpetrated by the police against innocent unarmed black men (with no recourse) hurts my heart in a way that I can’t even convey. The simple thin words are: I feel anger and despair and powerlessness. 

I say this to all of us. Don’t look away. Don’t be crippled by the hurt. Don’t be poisoned by the anger. Don't let the despair of the injustice paralyze you. I am writing this through tears. Cry and keep moving toward the world in which you want to live. Feel the fury and stand your ground for what is right. What is right is love. Only love is right. Cry and keep moving toward love. Punch the sky and move toward love.

You can move forward in a way that is true to you. The way I move toward wholeness is through connection, dance, play, joy, beauty. 

So, I reached out to a friend who is a member of St Joseph Christian Methodist Church in Chapel Hill. I had the idea of doing some sort of outreach between the black community and the police that involved song or dance. Within days I had a meeting with the pastor and the outreach coordinator. They loved the idea. YAY. Next week we are meeting with the Chief of Police to get them on board.

The plan is a BIG ASS DANCE PARTY. We are inviting the police to attend and connect more deeply with the black community. We will dance together. We will share a human moment of play and connection and beauty. In that moment we will all move to the same beat.

YES. We will dance together.

Don’t look away my warriors of the heart. Run as fast as you can toward joy, love, and goodness. 

Contact me if you want to be a part of this!