This Must Be the Place

When we find the places in the world where we feel a physical resonant sense of belonging, an ineffable yes, then more magic is possible. This works on the same premise as homeopathy and Human Design and probably many ancient healing principles. If we are particles, and science says we are, then it makes sense that if we put our particle-filled human bodies in a place that vibrates at a similar frequency, that shares similar particle composition, then BAM, we are ignited. Beautiful things happen. Magic Happens.

North Carolina does that for me. Taos, New Mexico did that for me. Kauai sent me flying off the charts in a yes so big the sky couldn’t even hold it. My Goldilocks heart felt North Carolina was just right.

AND, listen to this Lumineers cover of “This Must Be the Place”. This Talking Heads song was an absolute anthem for me in my twenties. It was one of those songs that reached inside me and pulled all the right strings making my spirit soar and my body dance. North Carolina knows how to pull my heartstrings. When I was visiting her about 8 years ago, she reached inside my heart and said, “Remember me, I am your place, you need to be here”. I listened.

This must be the place.