When I take a photograph I am expressing the essence of what I’m seeing. 

As I photograph, I fall and fall and fall in love with what is in front of me, color, texture, light, the palpable elegance of composition. 

My eyes are connected to my heart and through my heart I am able to merge, by way of love and devotion, with my subject. In so doing, the subject is no longer subject, we are one.

We have nervous systems that are largely overworked, overstimulated. Pausing to take a photograph allows me to pause, in general. It allows me to be in a moment of rapture. To have a moment with what has caught my attention:: to listen, to feel, to see, to feel :: I am given an opportunity to open the door to the mystical. It’s not reserved for gurus and new age nutters, a mystical experience, a moment of grace and merging with the divine is available to all of us. But, we have to look and we have to pause and we have to open. For me, the camera is one of the ways in. 

To see beyond the wide vista and the mind’s naming and categorizing, grass, mountain, cloud, we can dive more deeply into what we are seeing and embody that which is so very glorious.