Play shows up in many forms. A primary characteristic is it's nonlinear. In other words, I don't know where I'm going. I think the more we can embrace this notion the more free we are.

One of my primary job requirements is to play. It is my calling to bring that play into the world AND to be a guide for others to find that place of freedom and creativity ... PLAY.

I decided to make masks out of paper bags. I had no idea what character would emerge. I let my hands begin with a cut, ah, there's expression and character in that one mark. And then I listen. What wants to happen next? This dude needs a beard. Electrical tape. The handles from the bag became oversized ears.

And then I inhabit the mask. Who is this guy? Turned out he was french and very buttoned up. He said, "mais, non" a lot. And here's a little video. Mais, oui! 

music by Onra